Dumb shit should never be rewarded… That is, unless you’re the police.

Back in December, an eight-man SWAT team performed an early morning raid on a house that was supposed to contain some violent, gangbanging miscrients. They kick in the door, wave the 44 (or whatever they were packin’), and end up trading bullets with whomever was busting through the bedroom door like Larry Davis.

22 total shots are fired, three officers get hit with bullets and/or shrapnel [what is shrapnel, anyway?]. After the smoke cleared, Po-Po realizes that THEY’VE RAIDED THE WRONG CRIB.

(***Biggie Voice: “Stupid Muthafuckas”***)

These fools ran in some Hmong family’s house. This guy wasn’t a gangbanger, he was just a regular Asian cat at home with his wife, kids and brother.

But instead of punishing these dumb cops for raiding the wrong house — or punishing some-damn-body for the gross misinformation — they give these muhfuckas medals like they did something good.

\"Congratulations, you big dummy!\"

Obviously, Vang Khang (don’t laugh, that’s the dude’s real name) and his wife, Yee Moua, were pissed.

“I’m shocked that they’re receiving awards for that night,” said Yee Moua. “My family is a mess right now. My [9-year-old] son, who saw the shooting, still has nightmares and has needed therapy. They’ve ruined a life, and I don’t understand why they would get rewarded for that.”

What makes it even worse is that the police department didn’t even speak to the family after their fuck-up. They issued an apology — “hey, uh, yeah, uh, sorry about that whole kicking-your-door-in-and-shooting-at-you-and-your-family thing from the other day. you know we was just bullshittin’… we cool, right?” — but the least they could’ve done is called the nigga.

[Minneapolis Police Chief Tim] Dolan said he did not speak with the family prior to the award ceremony, but he did speak with Hmong community leaders in north Minneapolis who were “mostly understanding.”

Fuck outta here.

That shit’s crazy, man. I hope they sue. And if they sue, I really hope they win.

They fuck up, then get rewarded for it. And they wonder why we scream “fuck the police”.


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  1. Yeah, this story is uber fucked up. Shrapnel is metel fragments. That’s what causes damage from grenades, the grenade blows up, then the shrapnel is what kills you.

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