Nothin\' But Net!

Nothin' But Net!

Only this time he’s got a much prettier target.

Found these pictures of Reggie Miller’s ugly ass kickin’ it with a bunch of Asian chicks. I love Asian chicks.

He’s a lucky bastard.

\"Wonder if she can feel my...\" \"Easy, ladies - don\'t mess up the sweater-vest.\"

Money is quite the aphrodisiac. There’s no way a broke nigga could be that weird-looking, wear a sweater-vest/shirt combination that horrendous and still get some fly Asians to come jockin’.

Anyway, here’s a little bonus NBA party coverage:

Steven Jackson takin\' Goose to the neck.

Steven Jackson takin' Belve to the neck.

A Bunny hoppin\' on BD.

A Bunny hoppin' on BD.

Peace to drunkathlete.com!



  1. Never liked Reggie’s Skelator lookin ass as a player, but he gets respect from me when it comes to going hard with the Tokyo Diamonds. Not surprised by the picture of Jack, he reminds me of a nigga from the Mil with money. BD and the G.O.A.T celebrating easter fuckin wit the bunnies!!!

  2. yea that sweater vest button down combo was quite horrible LMAO. where was his homeboys at?? i know if he was with us folks would’ve got some instant hot ones out the gate, as SOON as he step out like “you really wearing that?!” but back to the blog, i need to find a chick thats down for some goose shots like ol girl in the first pic, gettin tired of partyin with these siditty (sp) ass hoes lol

  3. Hmm. Good post.

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